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Gordon McArthur established BeeksFX in 2011 after growing increasingly frustrated by the lack of low latency infrastructure offerings for retail traders. Gordon previously worked for IBM and IBM Business Partners for 19 years in various commercial roles within the IBM Software Business.

BeeksFX Partner with Global Prime

BeeksFX VPS are happy to announce a new broker has joined our partner program.

Global Prime are a regulated ECN broker based out of Sydney in Australia, Global share our NY4 Data Centre with a 1 m/s ping, their clients can now qualify for a free BeeksFX VPS if they complete 20 lots per month.

Applications for the VPS can be made via the link below.

Signup Form

BeeksFX VPS are Proud to Announce Partnership with FXCM

FXCM are one of the largest Forex brokers in the world, with around 250k user accounts and being NYSE listed FXCM are simply a massive force within the retail forex business.

It is with huge delight BeeksFX VPS can announce FXCM are now sponsoring a very high end BeeksFX VPS for their clients.

The 1.5 GB RAM VPS can be claimed by any FXCM user who has $5k deposit in their account.

Please see a link below to claim the free VPS

BeeksFX VPS Extend Global Footprint With Opening of Indonesian Support Hub

BeeksFX VPS Extend Global Footprint With Opening of Indonesian Support Hub.

BeeksFX VPS are proud to announce our new office to support our growing global customer base.

To add to our HQ in the UK and Data Centre facilities in New York and London we have now opened an office in Surabaya Indonesia.

Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia and is an ideal location for us to have a permanent base for our growing Asian support function.

The office provides us the final piece of our 24*7 support capability.

BeeksFX VPS X-Connect with Pepperstone

BeeksFX VPS are proud to announce one of the first X-Connected VPS in the world with the well known Australian broker Pepperstone.

A X-Connect is a direct fibre line within the same data centre between racks…this is quite simply the fastest way for a VPS to talk to a broker’s trading servers, there is no reliance on other data centres (if your VPS is in another data centre from the broker by the laws of physics you will be slower to the broker than a X-connect, no matter what you do.)

Using a X-Connect the messages travel a few metres down a dedicated fibre line.

This is why we get latencies as low as half a millisecond

64 bytes from icmp_seq=7 ttl=255 time=0.510 ms.

This X-Connect combined with the fact this is in NY4 where most of the world’s Forex liquidity resides means this set up cannot be matched for speed of execution

We are very excited to welcome Pepperstone traders to our network!

BeeksFX VPS Partner with FinFX

BeeksFX VPS are delighted to announce our largest partnership agreement so far with FinFX, who are one of the fastest growing Forex brokers in the world.

BeeksFX VPS now have a live X-Connect with FinFX in our NY4 facility giving a latency of 0.35 m/s from VPS to trading server.

As part of the agreement FinFX also become part of our growing number of brokers sponsoring their client’s VPS.

We have come up with an innovative agreement where all FinFX ECN PRO customers will be given a free Bronze VPS, no matter what volume they trade.

The infrastructure will be dedicated for FinFX clients only.

We are delighted to be able offer FinFX clients a low latency VPS based in the largest Forex centric data centre in the world.

Welcome on board FinFx!

New York Data Centre Facility goes live

BeeksFX VPS are proud to announce we have today gone live with our New York based offering out of the Equinex NY4 facility.

We have been working towards this day for 4 months since we signed the deal for our dedicated racks in the Equinex facility.

We have chosen NY4 as it is the world’s primary Data Centre for Forex brokers and liquidity providers.

We can offer unmatched speeds to NY4 brokers via cross connects withing the facility and we have invested a lot of time and expense making our set up as robust as possible.

We have designed and implemented the network from scratch with mutliple independent ISP’s and have gone live with brand new IBM servers and SAN technology running RAID 10.  We have designed out any single points of failure in our stack and have been load and soak testing the set up for 2 months before release.

Everyone at BeeksFX VPS truly believes our set up in NY cannot be matched in for Forex traders.

We go live with our first X-Connects to Pepperstone and FinFX.

Tony Doleman Appointed Service Delivery Director

BeeksFX VPS are delighted to announce Tony Doleman has been appointed as Service Delivery Director with immediate effect.

Tony is an industry veteran with more than 20 years experience of desigining and building large scale mission critical systems.

Tony will be responsible for all technical strategy and operations as we move forward and grow.

BeeksFX VPS Launches Low Latency VPS

BeeksFX VPS are delighted to announce the launch of our Low Latency VPS offering from our London location.

The launch comes at the end of a 6 month test and development phase, we are now open to accept customers.

Commenting on the launch of the service Gordon McArthur (CEO, BeeksFX VPS)

“This is an exciting phase in our young company’s development and we are sure the work and effort put in by the entire team will be appreciated by the first trader’s to use our VPS.

We selected the Telecity location after looking at 10 separate enterprise data centres and picked Telecity primarily for low latency to brokers, however as the most recent and highest specification Data Centre to be built in London we are delighted to announce our release in the Telecity facility”